BallettCompagnie Oldenburg

 “Man and music. Ballet is a way of life and everyone understands the language of the body – a wonderful means of communication. Dance can help make the dream of breaking down cultural, sociological and social barriers come true for a moment. Dance is liberating. The body cannot lie.”

Antoine Jully, Burkhard Nemitz

Imago Suite/4 Seasons / © Stephan WalzlImago Suite/4 Seasons / © Stephan WalzlDie Schönste aller Welten / © Martina Pipprich



"Haal deep Luft - denn bi de BallettCompagnie geiht di de Puust ut!" (typical north germany expression, saying: Hold your breath – watching the BallettCompagnie you will have trouble to breath), these lovely words citizens of Oldenburg use to describe the company leaded by Antoine Jully and Burkhard Nemitz. 12 young dancers, all classical trained, don’t have to fear the international comparison and surprise audience and critics since season 2014/15. For Jully and Nemitz dance is a questioning to yourself, released by a conscious thought or from the deepest subconsciousness, which finds their means of expression in movements. Consequently, one of the routes of the program is the exploration and development of the modern abstract ballet. Part of the repertory of the young and dynamic company are modern classics of the dance history such as choreographies from american choreographers Lar Lubovitch, Bill T. Jones and Alwin Nikolais. Another part are creations from Oldenburg’s chief choreographer Antoine Jully. Works from guest choreographers like the british Ashley Page or the swiss Martin Schläpfer, with whom a 3 year cooperation is planned and has started this season, are fulfilling the program.
The biennial ‘Internationale Tanztage Oldenburg’ festival exists since 24 years and will happen in may 2017 for the 13th time. With 13 companies, premieres in Germany and Europe, first presentations from new companies and about 50 shows the festival shows a variety, which was never seen before. On all stages of the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater companies from Europa, the U.S. and Africa will perform for 9 days and Oldenburg will be the capital of dance for this time. Jiří Bubeníček from Czechia, who received the „Prix Benois de la Danse“ as the world's best dancer in 2001, will be dancing together with his twin brother Otto Bubeníček, as well as Shantala Shivalingappa, about her the New York Times wrote, that she is divinely talented, and many others. Works from famous choreographers Jiří Kylián, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Alexander Ekman, Sol Picó, Ken Ossola and Andonis Foniadakis among others will be seen at northgermany’s biggest dance festival.

Productions of the 2016/2017 season

Men and Women (2017)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: 6. Sinfonie, Allan Petterson
12 dancers, Oldenburgische Staatsorchester, stage 16 x 10,40 m, approx. 70 min

Schläpfer / Jully (4 Parts)
Concertante /
Ramifications / Quartz / Begegnen ohne sich zu sehen

Concertante (2016)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Concertante, op. 42, György Kurtág
9 dancers, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m
Ramifications (2005)

Choreography: Martin Schläpfer, music: Ramifications, György Ligeti
1 dancer, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m
Quartz (2008)

Choreography: Martin Schläpfer, music: Ghostyhead, Ricky Lee Jones, traditional Albanian folk music – Ku Verove verën-o, City of Quartz, Marianne Faithfull
2 dancers, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m
Begegnen ohne sich zu sehen (2016)

Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: 1. und 2. Sinfonie von C.P.E. Bach, Music from the Band for all pieces
10 dancers, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m

100 min (altogether)

Imago Suite / 4 Seasons (2 Parts)

Imago Suite (1963)
Choreography: Alwin Nikolais, music: Alwin Nikolais, vom Band
11 dancers, stage: 16 x 10,40 m, 35 min
4 Seasons (2016)

Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Chorwerke von Paul Hindemith, Eric Whitacre, Pēteris Vasks und Max Reger
12 dancers, Opernchor des Oldenburgischen Staatstheater, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 40 min

Der Kleine Prinz (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Joby Talbot et al.
10 dancers, stage 10,90 x 11,50 m, 40 min

Productions of the 2015/2016 season

D - Man in the Waters / Generation Y (2 Parts)

D - Man in the Waters (1989)
Choreography: Bill T. Jones, music: Streichoktett Es-Dur, op. 20 von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
9 dancers,stage 16 x 10,40 m, approx. 45 min
Generation Y (2016)

Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Sinfonie Nr. 5, op. 74 von Malcolm Arnold, Oldenburgisches Staatsorchester, stage 16 x 10,40 m, approx. 33 min

City Moves (2016)
Choreography: Antoine Jully
Stage: 10,60 x 8,12 m

Dumbarton Oaks / Artikulation (UA) / Marimba / N.N. (4 Parts)

Dumbarton Oaks (2013)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: "Dumbarton Oaks" von Igor Strawinsky
10 dancers, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 14.01 min
Artikulation (2015)

Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: "Artikulation" from György Ligeti
1 dancer, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 3.49 min
Marimba (1976)

Choreography: Lar Lubovitch, music: "Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ" from Steve Reich
10 dancers, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 18 min
N.N. (2015)

Choreography: Ashley Page, music: "Son of Chamber Symphony" from John Adams
7 dancers, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 23.41 min

Der Kleine Prinz (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, musik: Joby Talbot u. a.
10 dancers, stage 10,90 x 11,50 m, 40 min

Die schönste aller Welten (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Chopin
10 dancers, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m, length not stated.

Productions of the 2014/2015 season

Der kleine Prinz (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Joby Talbot et al.
10 dancers, stage 10,90 x 11,50 m, 40 min

Mosaik in der Nacht / Jurassic Trip (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Hugues le Bars, Guillaume Connesson
10 dancers, stage 16 x 10,40 m, length not stated

Die Schönste aller Welten (2015)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Chopin
10 dancers, stage 10,60 x 8,12 m, length not stated

Deca - Deci / L‘Arlésienne (2014)
Choreography: Antoine Jully, music: Andrei Eschpai, Georges Bizet
10 dancers, Oldenburgisches Staatsorchester, stage 16 x 10,40 m, 90 min 



Antoine Jully

Antoine Jully, born in Paris, studied dance among others at Conservatoire Marius Petipa, Conservatoire National Superior de Musique et de Danse de Paris and at Junior Ballet. He was a company member of the ballet of Opéra National de Paris, Royal Ballet London and Ballet d’Europe. In 2005 Antoine Jully came to Germany and started working with ballettmainz and choreographer Martin Schläpfer. From 2009 till 2014 he was a dancer at the well known Ballett am Rhein under the artistic direction of Martin Schläpfer. As a dancer Antoine Jully worked with many different choreographers including Twyla Twarp, Ashley Page, Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot, Mats Ek, Regina van Berkel and Martin Schläpfer. Since 2000 he is also working as a choreographer and created the choreographies ‚Cercle de vie‘ (Ballet d’Europe), ‚Inside‘ (Ballett am Rhein), ‚Rebound-Topple-Splash‘ (Ballett am Rhein) and ‚Hidden Features‘ (Ballett am Rhein). Since season 2014/15 Antoine Jully is working as chief choreographer for the BallettCompagnie of Oldenburgisches Staatstheater. In his first season he created the ballet evenings ‚Deca-Deci/L’Arlésienne‘, ‚Die schönste aller Welten‘, ‚Mosaik in der Nacht/Jurassic Trip' and ‚Der Kleine Prinz'. In season 2015/16 he already premiered the works ‚Dumbarton Oaks’ and ‚Artikulation’. The prestigious dance magazine Tanz honored him already twice as “those, who hopefully change the future” (die hoffentlich die Zukunft bewegen) and “hope” (Hoffnungsträger) in 2012 and 2013. Arnd Wesemann named him also as one choreographer of the new generation in the yearbook Tanz 2015/16.  

Burkhard Nemitz

Burkhard Nemitz, born in Osterburg, began his career as a dramaturge, first in drama and later in opera. His previous engagements have included Schauspiel Frankfurt, Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen and Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, and he has also held the posts of chief dramaturge and assistant to the artistic director at Staatstheater Darmstadt and deputy director at Theater Bonn. Since 2007, he has curated a series of guest dance performances as well as various dance festivals in Bonn. He was appointed ballet director of the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in August 2014.